The Billy Boot Story

Billy Boot garbage bags have a unique association with its Newfoundland roots. Dating back to its earliest years of settlement, Newfoundland originated on the hard work of our ancestors in the fishing industry. Faced with the rugged conditions of the North Atlantic ocean, the early settlers overcame many obstacles to establish a living for themselves and their families. Even with the modernization of the 20th century, the fishing industry remained relatively the same. Due to a combination of many different factors, Newfoundland faced the grim reality of the collapse of its fishery in the summer of 1992.

East Coast Converters Limited, the company which manufactures Billy Boot garbage bags, had its very existence threatened with the downturn in the Newfoundland fishery. With more than half its business directly dependant on the fishery, it had to look at alternative markets to survive.

Hence, the company launched Billy Boot garbage bags. Initially, the company targeted a number of charitable, not-for-profit organizations seeking to sell garbage bags as a means of fundraising for their various activities. From the very start, the company made a conscientious decision to produce a top-quality, high-end product. It tested the quality of all of the existing garbage bags in its market territory, and consequently, came out with a series of strong garbage bag.


The initial customer response was extremely positive. In keeping with its emphasis on helping charitable organizations, the company makes a donation to the Newfoundland branch of the Canadian Paraplegic Association with every purchase. The success of Billy Boot garbage bags can be attributed to its local flavor, but as well to the loyal customer support it has garnered with the quality of its product. The name itself, Billy Boot, is in reference to a Newfoundland acronym referring to the "rubber boots" which both farmers and fisherman have worn throughout the history of Newfoundland. In keeping with this theme, Billy Boot has used the slogan "Some Tick N' Tuff B'y" to compare the durability of its garbage bags. We are sure that our customers would agree.

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