Environmental Concerns

Billy Boot garbage bags is keenly aware of the significance of keeping the Newfoundland environment as pure and clean as possible, just like when the earliest settlers first arrived on our vast coastlines. Billy Boot garbage bags are donated to numerous environmental clean-ups throughout the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Billy Boot is well aware of its responsibility to ensure a safe and clean environment for both its employees and its customers, and as such, it has taken a proactive approach in facing its environmental challenges.

Billy Boot garbage bags contain a minimum of 80%-recycled resins. These recycled polyethylene resins are generated from an in-house recycling program in which all of the materials wasted within the manufacturing process are recycled and re-used in the making of our Billy Boot garbage bags. We also purchase recycled resins and unused customer packaging for recycling. During the manufacturing process the plastic is wound on thick paper cores. These cores are reused or sent out with other packaging product. Any leftover or damaged cores are sent to be recycled. We also try to buy used cones when ever available.

All of the plastics manufactured in our plant are 100% recyclable. Even the outer packages which contain our Billy Boot garbage bags, are made from recycled resins. All of the cardboard scrap that is part of the packaging mixture in receiving our raw material polyethylene resins is sent out for recycling. Throughout our printing process, all of our orders are printed with non-heavy metal inks, and we recycle all of our solvents for reuse in our printing department. Billy Boot garbage bags are very appreciative of the environment in which we operate, and as stated in our advertising, we want to "Keep Newfoundland Like the Vikings Found It".

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